From the Coin Vault
1361-93 1 Torrino
Price: $85.00
Denomination: Miscellaneous
Grade: VF30
Year: 1361-93

John's Market Report ( July)

I have attended three coin shows in the last three months. Nice collector coins are still in demand, especially nice foreign uncirculated coins from $10 to $3000, especially coins from china.  We are now seeing stratospheric prices; coins that were once $10 to $20,000 are now at $100 to $350,000.
Do you remember in the late 70's and early 80's in the Japan market a 1969 mint set sold between $800 and $900? Today it sells for $200. Silver has taken a dip from $49 to as low as $34.  
When buying a coin, always look at the coin, do not solely focus on the slab. If you hear yourself saying "nice coin but," don't buy it!  My philosophy is "when I see a nice coin, I buy it, right there and then!" You may not see it again.  Remember if you like it, that is all that matters!
I do have some mint state $20.00 Saints which are a good buy with a low premimum over melt.  $20 gold has .96 agw, $10 .48, $5 .24, and $2 1/2 gold .12 agw. You should always try to buy your gold either P.C.G.S. or N.G.C. graded in slab with no spots.  Gold in slab with spots are always easy to buy, but often hard to sell.  The constant persuit of buying nice coins is always difficult, I am fortunate that I am able to travel the entire 50 states annually in pursuit of rare coins.

   Great news for all of you who collect rare coins, I have decided to add foreign coins to my vault.  So now in addition to the over 50 U.S. slabbed coins that are currently in my vault, you will be able to see what I bring back from my travels immediately.  As I always say, when you go to my website,
"see it today, buy it today!"  Never rely solely on the word of a telemarketer.

  I am willing to take in trade, silver coins 90% for coins listed on my site either foreign coins listed from my add in w.c.n., or coins listed in my coin vault. I will also trade common date silver dollars at $29 to $31 per coin common date silver dollar, no culls, only morgan's and peace.
     Also, subject to prior sales, silver range is from $35.50 to $36.50 gold $1,535.00 to $1,545.00. I will be listing very nice circ type coins mostly raw coins that are hard to find,yet reasonably priced.  With the Greek fiscal crisis resolved, hopefully the U.S. economy will recover slightly? This will create more new coin buyers for lower priced coins that are gold or silver related.

If you have any questions, or you would like me to look for specific coins for you, please contact me via email at,   

Thanks, John Ferm

Monthly Report for March, 2011

John's Market Update


    Despite an 89% up-tick on the stock market, gold has rebounded from approximately $1100 to over $1400 per ounce. One of the better buys in the coin industry today, are slabs, Ms-61, Ms-62 and $20 dollar gold pieces.
Gold is currently up $300 dollars, and  $20 dollar gold has dropped approximately 
$300 to $400 dollars per coin.
    Silver is the big story!  Where silver used to be trading at $12 to $15 dollars an ounce, it is now well over $32 dollars per ounce. If you've been trading silver throughout the past ten years, you probably remember when it was between $6 -$10 an ounce.  Back then silver was moving .05 to .10 cents a day. Today we are seeing movements at .50 to $1.50 cents per day. Could we also be seeing oil at over $125 dollars per barrel? 
 Foreign coins have been selling well especially nice grade Minors and Crowns. Common Crowns are selling from $25 to $35 each. I have always maintained that silver affects the coin business and over all coin market. The country that is  especially "HOT" whether it is gold, silver, or copper, is  "CHINA, CHINA, CHINA!" Countries that are "cold" or selling at a steep discount are "New Zealand, Fiji, Japan and Sweden." 
   Flash back to January 2009, gold was at $1200 an ounce, Ms-62 Liberties at $1800, and Ms-62 Saints were at $1650 an ounce. In June 2010, Ms- 62 and $20  Liberties were $1450 an ounce.  $20 Saints were $1400 when gold was at $1240. Today we are seeing gold at over $1400.  Lower grade $20's are approximately $50 over gold value.
   I would suggest trying to buy these coins at your favorite site or dealer. Look for either Circulated Ms-61, or Ms-62.  A bag of silver coins at a $1000 face value today now has a value between $24,000 - $24,500 because silver is now between 33.50 to 34.00 an ounce. I'd like to suggest that one should buy silver coins as a posed to silver bars. One can always sell half of their position, but one cannot sell half of a 100 oz bar.  Do you remember when silver was $50 an ounce in January 1980?  We just may see that price again in 2011, what do you think?
Collector coins with great "eye appeal" in the fine to extra fine condition are also worth hunting for. My favorites are the Walking Liberty half dollars, and the Indian cent.  Another one of my favorite slabs is the M.S. 64 pre 21 Morgan silver dollar.  Two years ago these coins were around $42. Today they are pushing close to $60 for a nice P.C.G.S, or N.G.C. with out any spots.
If you have a question or a comment that you would like me to reply to, please send me an email:

Monthly Report for February, 2011

Report - Gold is the Answer!

Detour Gold executed a term sheet with Caterpillar Financial under which Cat Financial has agreed to underwrite up to $105 million in mobile fleet equipment financing to fund the company's previously announced acquisition of Cat mining equipment supplied by Toromont Industries Limited (a Caterpillar dealer in Ontario), for the Detour Lake gold project in northeastern Ontario (the "Equipment Financing Facility").

The equipment financing facility will be utilized towards the acquisition cost of 23 Cat 795F - 322-tonne haul trucks and ancillary equipment, or the mobile fleet. Deliveries of the mobile fleet are expected to commence arriving at site in mid-2011 and be completed in early 2013. The term of the equipment financing facility will be five-years and will be secured by the equipment.

Detour Gold is a Canadian gold exploration and development company whose primary focus is to advance the development of its flagship Detour Lake gold project located in northeastern Ontario towards production. Detour Gold's shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol DGC.